DOG Anthology

  • DOG Anthology

DOG Anthology is a collection of poetry, short stories, photography and art inspired by our canine friends. This zine is a love letter to all dogs and a tribute to the humans who love them.

Featuring: Alex Travers, Grace Dulawan, Aphrodite Delaguiado, Cash Vicente, Margaret Hwang, Kristie Lee, Troy Campbell, Paolo Lapuz, Marc Cerrafon, Lance Aguas, Karl Planes, Kayla Puse, Paz Moreno, Mauricio Quilpatay, Marcelo Diaz, Athena Lucas, Zeila Vicente and Kring Espinosa.

If you love DOGS, then this zine is for you.


Edition of 200
88 pages, A5 size, Paperback
Cover on 300gsm Uncoated paper
Internals printed on 100gsm Uncoated paper

Publication date: 23 August 2021
ISBN: 978-0-646-84211-0
Copyright © Aphrodite Delaguiado, 2021.
Cover art by Cash Vicente.
Book design by Aphrodite Delaguiado.



"Page after page after page, the DOG Anthology invokes the gladness and the warm familiar sensation that I feel whenever I am with my dog. The words and images in this book are raw and candid, yet tender and affectionate. The contributors of DOG Anthology come from different backgrounds and experiences and created their pieces individually, but there's a subtler theme that is captured by all of the creative work in this book. DOG Anthology is not really about how adorable dogs are, rather it is about how much we adore them... how they are a huge part of our lives - our happiness, grief, highs and lows... and how, despite our many flaws as humans, we strive to become the persons our dogs think we are. " – Maricris E.

"Seriously, I read it from cover to cover! I’m such a huge dog lover and I thought it was an amazing read. Forget straight to the pool room, this beauty is straight to the bookshelf. ALL dog lovers NEED this in their life and this zine is the perfect piece as your favourite coffee table book. " – Danai K.